News Roundup: November 21-27


Delegates from 22 Latin American countries are meeting in Guatemala City until Friday for The Tenth General Assembly of the Indigenous Fund. Members will discuss major issues and threats facing indigenous societies.

Local San Miguel community organization Frente de Defensa Miguelense are calling on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to investigate water contamination in Cuilco River by the recently opened Marlin Mine. Many livestock, which local community members depend on to survive, have died after drinking from the river, although the company that operates the mine denies the charges.

Young Ronald Aldana fled Guatemala to escape gang violence and found refuge with KIND, Kids In Need of Defense, a non-profit that advocates for youth in immigration system. Read his story on PRI’s The World.

The Guatemala coastline  is in serious danger and local fisherman have suffered from depleting fish populations in recent years. Fortunately, local fisherman have helped the state place 2,800 artificial reefs along its Pacific coast to preserve biodiversity and replenish fish stocks.

Weeks after the largest earthquake Guatemala has experienced in decades, citizens across the country are still struggling to recover and rebuild while the government reconstruction efforts have been hindered by political bureaucracy. The Global Post reports on the ongoing aid crisis across the country. 


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