Together we make a difference

Put Your Company Name Here

Provide full funding for any of the following projects and receive the privilege of putting your company name on it.

Construction of a High School ($1 million)

Your company name will be prominently featured on the front of this new school building, providing access to high school education in the Boca Costa region of Guatemala.

Roots & Wings Learning Center Construction and Laboratory Computers ($82,000)

Sponsored by TECO Guatemala and inaugurated in November 2010.

Furniture for the Roots & Wings Learning Center ($23,000)

Your company name will be featured on the screen savers of 25 computers and printed on the furniture in our new computer lab.

Cocktail Benefit Reception ($5,000)

Your company name will be printed on the invitations to our next cocktail benefit, and will be featured in all of the press releases and materials we use to promote the event.

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