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Check out the tour guide, which provides hiking information to explore on your own and other activities in the area


When it comes to adventure, we believe the travelers should be in control of their experience. You can choose the days of your visit, decide your preferred method of transportation and tell us your preferred activities. With this information, we will customize the experience to your tastes and needs. We can accommodate any traveler's schedule, and can put together a package of one or any combination of multiple activities that can last for as short as a half day or as long as two weeks. We are devoted to your service: tell us whether you are interested in trying your skills with K'iché (the local language), learning how indigenous cloths are woven on backstrap looms, swimming in the nearby rivers and waterfalls, visiting ancient Mayan sites, or anything in between. Here are three of our central activities.

Coffee Tour

Explore the lush tropical volcanoes in Southwest Guatemala by helping community members pick coffee and prepare their crops. The communities where we work earn their living by selling coffee from their small plots of land during a three month window - December to February. If you're visiting us during those months, you'll have the opportunity to hand pick the bright red coffee berries, filling up baskets tied around your waist. If you can handle it, you can also take a shot at carrying sacks of coffee out of the mountains using a mecapal - a native tool made out of a leather strap and rope used to carry large loads from the forehead. If you visit us outside of the picking season you will be able to participate in crop preparation, experience the amazing aroma of coffee blossoms or witness the snow white flowers that cover the coffee trees during the spring. Whatever the season, come experience an authentic indigenous community and taste amazing high altitude organic coffee, freshly picked, dried and roasted over an open fire.

The Coffee Tour is for people of all ages and of general good fitness.

Mountain Villages Tour

This program gives you the opportunity to visit some of the most remote villages of rural Guatemala. RWI serves dozens of indigenous villages in the mountains of the Bocacosta region of Guatemala. The villages have k'iché names like Xejuyup ("at the base of the mountain"), Chuinimajuyup ("on top of the mountain") and Pasac ("virgin land"). Many of these villages have no road access, and some still have no electricity or potable water. Children from these villages hike up to three hours each way to attend school and prepare themselves to become community leaders and overcome poverty. This opportunity is only for the fit traveler who can walk several hours straight up a mountainside. You may be exhausted when you reach the top, but you'll revel in the experience of sharing a meal with a Mayan family that has a rare perspective on life and a community that many of us could only dream of.

The Mountain Villages Tour is for very fit travelers over the age of 15.

Tutoring Program

In the Tutoring Program you will have the opportunity to bond with children through their education. Our students are children ages 5 to 12 whose primary language is k'iché, an indigenous Mayan dialect several thousand years old. These children learn basic computer skills, reading skills, and other academic subjects in our tutoring and computer literacy programs. Even if you don't speak Spanish, it doesn't matter because these children are just learning the language as well. You can hop on a computer and work with the students, read a book in English or Spanish, or even try your skills in k'iché. 80% of communication is accomplished through facial expressions and body language, so don't worry about the differences in language; just enjoy getting to know the children by partnering in their education.

The Tutoring Program is for all ages of any fitness level.