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Computer Literacy

Our Computer Literacy Program, which has been certified by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education, provides computer classes to over 118 primary and secondary students in the Boca Costa region. Local youth have the opportunity to learn computer skills, gain access to better employment opportunities, improve the lives of their families, and ultimately help improve the quality of life in Nahualá, Sololá.

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can help RWI give the gift of computer literacy to an indigenous Guatemalan student. Please consider donating $5 today, and help us in our mission of changing lives through education.

Here are just a few of the students who have benefited from our program – and will continue to do so because of your generous donation:

Rosa Manuela Guarchaj López

Rosa Manuela Guarchaj López attends the Official Co-Ed Rural School Caserío Pasac. Her father, Diego, works as an agricultural day laborer and her mother, Micaela, works in housekeeping to provide their family of 8 an income of about $2 per day. Despite their limited economic means, Rosa Manuela's parents are committed to sending their children to school. Currently Rosa Manuela is enrolled in the computer literacy training program, which will help her to graduate elementary school and move one step closer to realizing her dream of becoming a teacher.

Kilmer Cristian Brandly Tambríz Marroquín

Kilmer Cristian Brandly Tambríz Marroquín has been participating in the computer literacy program since 2009, with the struggle and efforts of his mother, Luisa, who is the sole supporter of her family, since Kilmer's father passed away in 2008. Luisa believes in the value of an education, being an urban elementary school teacher herself, and has fought to advise and instruct her son so he will continue to participate in school. As Kilmer moves through his elementary school years, learning to use computers will help him succeed in school.

Yesly María Leticia López Sohom

Yesly María Leticia López Sohom is only the second in her family to attend elementary school, and especially enjoys the computer literacy training she receives after school at Roots and Wings International's new Learning Center in the small village of Pasac, in rural Guatemala. In fact, she has expressed to the computer teacher that her greatest desire is to learn more computer skills. In her computer classes she is learning to use Microsoft Word, Paint, and Mecanart, a drawing and keyboarding program that is her favorite. Yesly MarĂ­a aspires to follow in her father Antonio's footsteps and become a teacher.

José Manuel Marroquín Ajtzalam

José Manuel Marroquín Ajtzalam has been participating in the computer literacy program since 2009. His father, Juan, works as a farmer, and his mother, Mara, is employed as a housekeeper. Their combined income allows the family to subsist on an average of $3/day. Though José is only in his second year of elementary school, he has big goals. Like many children in Guatemala, José loves soccer and one day hopes to become a professional soccer player.

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