Why Guatemala?

Guatemala, the "country of the Everlasting Spring", is one of the true jewels of Central America. Its lush jungles, active volcanoes, stunning lakes and majestic waterfalls make it the perfect destination for the adventure traveler, but there's more than outdoor excitement for our visitors.

Guatemala has one of Latin American's highest concentrations of indigenous populations. The indigenous people make up to 60% of the entire country's population, and they speak 21 different languages. These languages are not dialects of Spanish, but Mayan languages that have been passed down thousands of years from the Mayan era. Guatemala has 23 official languages, which include the 21 indigenous languages, Spanish, and Garifuna, an Afro- Caribbean dialect spoken by populations in northeast Guatemala.

The rich soils of Guatemala make it one of the best places to grow coffee, and the quality of their grains is praised all over the world. Coffee is the pivot product around which life turns for many indigenous communities.

Stunning nature, warm-hearted people and millenary traditions are waiting for you in Guatemala!

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