What others say?

When you are visiting a foreign country, it is only normal to feel a little anxious about what to expect when you get there. Every traveler has experienced that kind of excitement paired with concern before they leave. That's why we are always thrilled to read the experiences our visitors and volunteers want to share with us.

"While visiting the village of Pasac, I really enjoyed seeing the closeness of the community and the way that everyone in town would come together."
Keely Odell, New York City, New York.

"There is such a sense of communal responsibility for bettering their education, raising their children, providing for their visitors and taking on any challenge that faces them! Spending a week in Pasac reminded me of the value of community and how important it is to contribute to whatever community I am a part of."
Rachael Smith, Arcata, California.

"The people there were so kind and welcomed us into their community....I think that the apartment that you built there is such an amazing place since it gives people like me an opportunity to be out in a place that I otherwise would not have access to. I would definitely recommend Roots and Wings as a destination for other people who want to spend time having fun with kids in a rural setting in Guatemala...After leaving Pasac, we enjoyed seeing the other cities, but nothing was as special as being there."
Sarah Baruch, Detroit, Michigan.